Error: "Access expired"
1- This account don't have it access to the menu anymore.
2- You are making a login on wrong file.
Error: "SSL Pinning Failed! (Try unistall Fiddler, Wireshark etc)"
AKA: connection error 1
Something on your pc it's changing your public key, try to unistall this programs, this can also be caused by programs like filezila and etc any FTP connection that change your web certify.
Error: "You are hwid banned"
Your reseller/Our staff revoked your key.
My newway don't open
Make sure you have the latest version of windows installed, along with the necessary (C++) for execution.
Error: "Failed to Inject!"
Close the game and try to inject again.
Error: "Invalid HWID"
Reset your hwid on the website.
Delete the "config.json". %appdata% > NewWay > Loader
Error: "Your loader is outdated or update in progress, check newway discord"
Check newway discord :p